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Telfair Museum
Telfair Square...
    Telfair Square is one of Savannah’s four original squares.  A beautiful square, and a good location for weddings, it is the “art crowd” location for Savannah and was created as St. James Square when James Edward Oglethorpe cleared the frontier forest to establish the new colony. 
    A large grass-covered central area provides an excellent location for open-air gatherings or tented events.  Around the square are Savannah architectural icons including the Telfair Museum of Art, Jepson Center for the Arts and the controversial tile façades of the US Federal Buildings. 
    In November the tented, Annual Telfair Art Fair covers a large portion of the northern section of the square and street.  Artist from around the region come to show, sell and compete in the juried show.  Talented artists show their work, which includes sculpture, photography, ceramics, jewelry and paintings.
    Trinity Methodist Church stands on the southwest “trust” lot and is the “Mother Church of Savannah Methodism”.  The church, completed in 1850 is a design by well-known Savannah architect, John Hogg.
One of the four original.
Trinity Methodist Church
Jepson Center For The Arts
Federal Building
Jepson Center For The Arts
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Telfair Square